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COVID-19 OUTBREAK-Support Documents

Your Panviva authoring peers have embraced the idea of sharing their content regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. We are pleased to provide you with two documents that might be useful as you navigate through these unknown waters. As we receive more things to share we will add them here.

In the meantime, if there is anything we can help you with please reach out any time. Email

Be safe, be well,
Your friends at Panviva

    • The Panviva authoring team at Carle Foundation Hospital is sharing their Novel Virus COVID 19 OVERVIEW document. It contains information about the virus as well as details around how to accommodate patients and visitors at hospitals, access to doctors and more. It is a great foundation document that you can then customize with links for your organization.
      Novel Virus COVID-19 Overview Bundle – Download template and instructions HERE
        • The Carle Foundation Hospital is also sharing Handle Novel Coronavirus information call, a procedure document that outlines scripts and tasks for call centers that are taking incoming calls from patients who are concerned about exposure and what to do.
          Handle Novel Coronavirus Information Call Bundle – Download template and instructions HERE


    • CoreAxis is a valued Panviva certified implementation and content partner. They have created a comprehensive document COVID-19: Plan, Prepare and Respond that contains excellent information about the virus and what you can do in the workplace, in your community and at home to prevent exposure.
      Novel Virus COVID-19 Plan, Prepare and Respond Bundle – Download template and instructions HERE


    • Geisinger Health Plan’s authoring team has created a quiz in their Panviva database for their users to complete. They are sharing that quiz here with you. When you download the zip folder containing the Panviva document, please be sure to read the Word doc included; it contains quick tips for what you’ll need to remember when creating Panviva Online learning documents. 
      Health Insurance Call Center Coronavirus Quiz Bundle – Download template and instructions HERE

      Also from the author team at Geisinger is a Panviva document titled ‘Coronavirus – What you need to know’. They have combined FAQs, pharmacy information, and more. It provides a nice framework and content that you can customize to suit your organization’s requirements.
      Coronavirus-What you need to know – Download template and instructions HERE
Novel Virus COVID 19 – Overview from Carle

Novel Virus COVID 19 – Overview from Carle

Handle Coronovirus Information Call Example from Carle

Handle Coronovirus Information Call Example from Carle

COVID 19 – Plan, Prepare, Respond from CoreAxis

COVID 19 – Plan, Prepare, Respond from CoreAxis

Coronavirus Quiz provided by Geisinger

Coronavirus Quiz provided by Geisinger

Coronavirus – What you need to know by Geisinger

Coronavirus – What you need to know by Geisinger


What's New

The Science of CX, a new podcast from Panviva CMO Steve Pappas, has been added to our podcast section!

We added a new overview for our Business Opportunity Orchestration Mapping (BOOM) workshop!

We just added a new video on the best practices for Creating a Center of Excellence!

The first post in our new Panviva University Blog is devoted to the Digital Orchestrator! Please check it out!

New courses we added:

V2 API Introduction: Learn the basics of using the Panviva API.

How to Create a Procedure Document: How do I start a procedure document from scratch.


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Other courses will guide you through topics such as creating an electronic review and approve workflows for your documents, managing users and roles, and much more!
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We’ve got so many ideas – and information, too – and our podcasts are a perfect venue to share them all!
Be sure to keep your eyes on this section as we’ll be posting regularly! We’ll also be sure to notify you via email when new podcasts are posted. As with webinars, we will keep them up here and available for you to listen any time.

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And if you can’t attend a live webinar, don’t worry – we record and post them here for viewing at your convenience.

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This is probably our favorite part of the campus! You know from working with us from the beginning of your implementation that we are all about collaboration. Well, this is where we really bring it all together.
Here is where you can sign up for Panviva Pro sessions, start or add to discussions on the user forum and – drum roll please! – peruse and download all sorts of templates and pre-built content!
And once again, if you’re looking for some ideas that aren’t already here, let us know what you’d like to see!
Even more, if you have designed some cool content, here’s where we invite you to strut your stuff. We’d love for you to share your ideas and, of course, get the applause from your peers!
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