1. Panviva Authoring Basics

Welcome to the Panviva Manager Essentials course! In this course, you will learn how to create and maintain content in Panviva Manager.

This course is designed to be self-guided learning and should take approximately six hours to complete. You will be guided through a series of activities (with videos) that will build your skills from one activity to the next.

Training Activities

The activities in this course are designed to continuously build your knowledge and confidence when using Panviva. Each activity has a path to the associated Help file within your Panviva database. The Help file contains instruction to guide you through completing the activity.

After training, be sure to reference your Help files for instructions for guidance in all of the Panviva functionality.

As you complete the activities, be sure to save your document and preview it using Super Viewer as you go along. (Don’t worry, you’ll learn what Super Viewer is and how to turn it on in Topic 2!)

Section 1Get Started
Lecture 1Introduction & objectives
Lecture 2Log on to Panviva
Lecture 3Navigate Panviva
Lecture 4Launch Panviva Manager
Section 2Maintain procedure documents
Lecture 5Introduction & objectives
Lecture 6Create folder
Lecture 7Create document from template
Lecture 8Create and format text elements
Lecture 9Save document
Lecture 10Create popup
Lecture 11Insert reusable content
Lecture 12Insert stock text
Lecture 13Create secondary window
Lecture 14Create table
Section 3Structure procedure documents
Lecture 15Introduction & objectives
Lecture 16Create task
Lecture 17Create section
Section 4Import and insert images; Consolidation exercise
Lecture 18Introduction & objectives
Lecture 19Create image folder
Lecture 20Import image
Lecture 21Insert image
Lecture 22Manage images
Lecture 23Consolidation exercise
Section 5Link and import content
Lecture 24Introduction & objectives
Lecture 25Create internal link
Lecture 26Create external link
Lecture 27Import external document
Lecture 28Create Quicklinks grid
Section 6Maintain document properties
Lecture 29Introduction & objectives
Lecture 30Release documents
Lecture 31Change document display
Lecture 32Add keywords
Lecture 33Add CSH keywords
Section 7Maintain other document types
Lecture 34Introduction & objectives
Lecture 35Create left tab document
Lecture 36Create side window document
Section 8Manage document history
Lecture 37Introduction & objectives
Lecture 38View document history
Lecture 39Compare document revisions
Lecture 40Revert to previous revision
Lecture 41Show document revisions in Panviva
Section 9Manage Panviva content
Lecture 42Introduction & objectives
Lecture 43Create reference
Lecture 44Remove document
Lecture 45Reinstate document
Lecture 46Move document
Lecture 47Display relationships