5. Panviva Content Administration

Welcome to the Panviva Manager – Content administration course. This course covers how to use Panviva Manager to organize, control and maintain content in your Panviva database.

This course is designed to be self-guided and will take approximately an hour to complete.

Training Activities

You will be guided through a series of activities (with videos) that will build your skills from one activity to the next. Each activity has a path to the associated Help file within your Panviva database. The Help file contains instruction to guide you through completing the activity.

After training, be sure to reference your Help files for instructions for guidance in all of the Panviva functionality.

Section 1Get started
Lecture 1Log on to Panviva Manager
Section 2Make mass changes
Lecture 2Introduction & objectives
Lecture 3Find and replace text
Lecture 4Find and replace an image
Lecture 5Assign mass properties
Lecture 6Assign mass permissions
Section 3Export & import content
Lecture 7Introduction & objectives
Lecture 8Export content to Microsoft Word
Lecture 9Import external document to Panviva
Lecture 10Import Panviva format content
Section 4Use glossary & statistics tools
Lecture 11Introduction & objectives
Lecture 12Run Glossary assistant
Lecture 13Generate document statistics
Section 5Manage orphans
Lecture 14Introduction & objectives
Lecture 15Delete orphans