6. Panviva Content Collaboration

Welcome to the Panviva Manager – Content collaboration course! This course covers how to use Panviva to engage your user community and enable collaboration in creating and maintaining content.

This course is designed to be self-guided and will take approximately an hour to complete.

Training Activities

You will be guided through a series of activities (with videos) that will build your skills from one activity to the next. Each activity has a path to the associated Help file within your Panviva database. The Help file contains instruction to guide you through completing the activity.

After training, be sure to reference your Help files for instructions for guidance in all of the Panviva functionality.

Section 1Get started
Lecture 1Understand content collaboration
Lecture 2Log on to Panviva Manager
Section 2Maintain feedback
Lecture 3Introduction & objectives
Lecture 4Maintain feedback for folder
Lecture 5Maintain feedback for document
Section 3Maintain notifications
Lecture 6Introduction & objectives
Lecture 7Create document notification
Lecture 8Create folder notification
Lecture 9Customize notification
Section 4Maintain welcome page documents
Lecture 10Introduction & objectives
Lecture 11Maintain welcome document
Lecture 12Set up multiple welcome documents