3. Panviva Workflow

Welcome to the Panviva Workflow course! This course covers how to automate the review and approval of content in your Panviva database. It is designed to be self-guided and will take approximately two hours to complete. You will be guided through a series of activities (with videos) that will build your skills from one activity to the next.

Before beginning this course, we highly recommend that you read the Panviva Help > Panviva Workflow Management > Workflow – overview document.

Training Activities
The activities in this course are designed to continuously build your knowledge and confidence when using Panviva. Each activity has a path to the associated Help file within your Panviva database. The Help file contains instruction to guide you through completing the activity.

After training, be sure to reference your Help files for instructions for guidance in all of the Panviva functionality.

Section 1Get started
Lecture 1Log on to Panviva Manager
Section 2Assign Workflow role
Lecture 2Introduction & objectives
Lecture 3Assign workflow managers role
Section 3Create new workflow
Lecture 4Introduction & objectives
Lecture 5Create new workflow
Lecture 6Add reviewer to workflow
Lecture 7Add approver to workflow
Section 4Apply workflow
Lecture 8Introduction & objectives
Lecture 9Apply workflow to document
Section 5Save for review
Lecture 10Introduction & objectives
Lecture 11Save document for review
Section 6Review document
Lecture 12Introduction & objectives
Lecture 13Add review comments to document
Lecture 14Save and complete review
Section 7Check workflow status
Lecture 15Introduction & objectives
Lecture 16Check status of workflow
Lecture 17Preview reviewer comments
Section 8View reviewer comments
Lecture 18Introduction & objectives
Lecture 19View reviewer comments
Lecture 20Update document and save
Section 9Save for approval
Lecture 21Introduction & objectives
Lecture 22Save document for approval
Section 10Approve document
Lecture 23Introduction & objectives
Lecture 24Add approval comments to document
Lecture 25Reject document
Lecture 26Approve document
Section 11Schedule document for review
Lecture 27Introduction & objectives
Lecture 28Schedule document for review
Section 12Run workflow reports
Lecture 29Introduction & objectives
Lecture 30Run workflow reports