Email notifications for Collaboration Hub

Feature Overview

In addition to the Collaboration Hub message centre notifications, we have introduced email notification capability. This feature is aimed to ensure relevant users are notified immediately of any created, assigned and updated feedback. 

The Collaboration Hub email notifications feature can be enabled/disabled per customer.

How does it work? 

Email notifications can be set up to enable Collaboration Hub email notifications for the following events: 

  • Notifications for Document Owner
    When enabled, Document Owners will receive email notifications upon feedback submissions.
  • Notifications to Feedback Assignee
    When enabled, feedback assignee will receive email notifications when a feedback has been assigned. Feedback assignees will also receive email notifications each time the feedback has been updated.
  • Notifications to a centralised Email Address
    When enabled, email notifications will be sent to the configured centralised email address upon any feedback submission.

Several points to note:

  • This setting is applied across all documents and folders and cannot be set at a folder level.
  • The application will NOT send an email if you are a sender and a recipient, in other words, if you happen to be an owner of a document you are sending a feedback for.  
  • The ‘Feedback recipients’ option for a document/folder (in Details & Actions > Miscellaneous > Feedback recipients) is ignored in Collaboration Hub.
  • The Cc option is completely removed in the new email functionality. All users will receive individual email messages (applicable if there are multiple owners of a document OR a central feedback email is configured) without seeing other recipients.

Inside the emails 

The notifications emails include feedback and document information, as seen in the sample below. The emails also include links for quick access to the feedback item and document in Panviva. 

Feedback notification email sample:  


Controlling the information displayed in the Email template 

Worried about sensitive feedback information emailed to users? No problem, the feedback content can be excluded from the notifications via the feature settings in case it may contain sensitive information. This setting can be controlled via the feature settings in Manager. 


              Please Note: Only an Admin or Configurator can control these settings.

How do I enable the Collaboration Hub email notifications feature?

To enable the Collaboration Hub email notifications feature, simply submit a support request via CAC and we will take care of that for you 

Once enabled, a Panviva CAC team member can use the control settings to configure the feature to best suit your business process needs. Here is a screenshot of all options available to our clients:

Email notifications feature settings in Manager:

Want to know more?

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