FAQ for Authoring team (Manager users)

Q. Why isn’t my document released?
There are 3 conditions that need to be satisfied for a document to be released:

  • % complete is set to 100
  • Release date is today or in the past and
  • Workflow status is NOT set to Pending. The last condition only applies if a workflow attached to your document has an option ‘Approval required before release’ selected.

You will find all three fields in Details & Actions > Properties > Status for every document. In addition, the document history will show a green frame next to the latest released document version.

Q. I saved a document at less than 100%, why is it still released?
The document remains released if at least one its previous revisions was released. Saving it at less than 100% simply creates a new unreleased revision, but the last released revision is still visible to the end users. If you need to hide a document from view, you will need to do it by changing the readers permissions or moving it to another location.

Q. What is Super Viewer? Can a non-Author have access to it?
Super Viewer is a special Viewer mode allowing an author to have access to the latest unreleased document version. Document permissions apply to Super Viewer in the same fashion as to Viewer. Authors (i.e. members of authors role) have automatic access to Super Viewer. If a non-Author requires access to Super Viewer, it can be achieved by adding them to superviewers role. They will need to log out and back in to see the relevant option in their Viewer menu.

Q. Why doesn’t my document appear in Search?
Check one of these possible reasons before contacting Panviva CAC team:

  • verify that the document is released
  • verify that ‘Hide in search’ flag is OFF in Details & Actions > Properties > General properties
  • verify that you have readers permissions for this document.

Q. Why can’t I see a document in the folder tree, but can see in the search results?
Because the folder a document resides in is hidden from view via the readers permissions. When search results are displayed, Panviva will only check the document permissions and ignore all folder permissions.

Q. Why am I getting different results when searching in Viewer and Manager?

  • The search results in Manager include Orphans too, unless you explicitly restrict them to Home folder only and
  • Manager conducts search using the latest versions of all documents, released and unreleased, whereas Viewer only searches through the released versions. In other words, Manager always operates in the Super Viewer mode.

Q. Why do I see completely different results in auto-suggest list compared to when performing a full search?
The auto-suggest (also known as predictive search) is only given the following fields to search in: Name, Description, Text. Compared to a full search, which will consider the full scope of: Name, Description, Text, Keywords, Classification, Custom Properties. It explains why some search results are different, as the weighting of those areas may propel some documents higher in the list of results when a full search is run.

Q. What is the difference between ‘Remove’ and ‘Delete’ button as it appears under General properties of a document?
‘Remove’ button will appear for any document residing in a folder, regardless if this folder is located within the Home or Orphans folder. It will result in a document to be sent directly to Orphans folder.
‘Delete’ button will appear for any document directly under Orphans folder. It will result in a permanent document deletion, provided there are no constraints for such document to be deleted.

Q. Why can’t I delete an orphaned document?
Panviva is ultra protective in this regard and if a document

  • is linked directly from other documents,
  • was used as a template to create other documents,
  • is a reusable content referenced in ANY revision of an existing document,
  • is a localisation source,
  • is an original for existing translations and
  • was used as a source for a copy

you will not be able to permanently delete it. The Relationships section for a document will show most of the connections listed above with some limitations. For example, it will show what template a document is based on (a parent), but will not show the reverse information for a template document (all its children).

Q. Can I delete an image?
No, it is currently not possible.