FAQ for Viewer users

Please note that when referring you to your System Administrator, we would like you to follow your internal procedure. It could be a dedicated channel you have been advised to contact, most likely a team, who owns Panviva application within your organisation or an internal IT support team you would normally contact for all your software issues.
In general, if everything you have tried failed, but you still experience technical issues or Panviva is down, please follow your internal support processes.

Q. How can I access Panviva?

Either using a browser or a desktop application. If using a browser, enter the URL provided (ask your System Administrator if unknown).
If using the desktop application, open the shortcut to Panviva Desktop or click on Windows button and type ‘SupportPoint’.

Q. What are the differences between using a browser and desktop application?

  • Browser requires no installation and your Panviva URL can be accessed from any PC. The desktop application, on the other hand, needs to be installed on a PC.
  • ‘Always on top’ function is available on the desktop application only.
  • Context Sensitive Help (CSH) function is available on the desktop application only.

Q. What browser is supported?
We support Chrome and Edge. Even though we don’t officially support Firefox and IE11, you may be able to use them, if you wish so. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist if you encounter any issues within an unsupported browser.

Q. Can I save the Panviva URL to my internet favourites?

Yes, of course, just like you would normally do for any other Web page.

Q. Can I access Panviva on my mobile device?
Even though we do not have a dedicated mobile solution, using a mobile browser like you would do on your PC should work.

Q. How can I reset my password?
If using SSO to log in, then password reset will be handled outside of Panviva using your organisation’s protocol. If not using SSO, select the ‘I forgot my password’ link. If this link is not available or email with a password reset link has not arrived, contact your System Administrator.

Q. What if I am unable to log in to Panviva?
It could be for multiple reasons, hence it is essential to take note of what error message is presented. You will need to supply it when contacting your System Administrator. Some examples and possible causes are:

  • ‘Login failed’ message:
    1. you are entering username/password incorrectly;
    2. your account doesn’t exist in Panviva;
    3. there is a problem with the application.
  • ‘Timeout waiting for response’ or ‘Your login request to the server has timed out’ message: it is certainly not your fault – there is a problem with the application. Please contact your System Administrator.

Q. What if I am seeing ‘Connection to the server lost’ message when attempting to log in?
It could be for multiple reasons, but the important thing is that your request is not reaching Panviva host. It can be due to:

  1. incorrectly configured hostname, if you are using the desktop application;
  2. your Internet connection not working;
  3. your organisation blocking the connection to Panviva host;
  4. there is a problem with the application.

Regardless what the root cause is, please contact System Administrator.

Q. Can I have more than one session of Panviva open?
Unfortunately, no, you cannot. However, our multi-view display window offering may assist with what you are trying to achieve.

Q. Where can I find information about the Panviva application, such as features, menu options, etc?
Your Panviva instance should contain help documentation, usually named ‘Panviva Help’. If you can’t see such folder in your folder tree, please contact your System Administrator.

Q. Does the Panviva search engine use any other common search characters?

Yes, users can use Boolean operators in the search box for advanced search functionality, such as + (this term must be present) and (this term must not be present). For example, this search string, quick brown +fox news, means that:
fox must be present
news must not be present
quick and brown are optional — their presence increases the relevance of the document.
You can also use double quotes for a phrase match that searches for all the words in the phrase, in the same order. For more detailed information on Panviva search, please read this post.

Q. Why do I keep seeing a “You are unable to view this document/folder” error message?
You do not have permission to access the document/folder. Please contact the Panviva owner within your business to resolve.

Q. What is the purpose of rating the content in Panviva?
Your document ratings feedback assists your Knowledge Management Team to gauge the usefulness of the content in supporting you in your role.

Q. When I send feedback, what information do I need to type in the feedback box?
Simply your comments about the content. The system automatically knows what document you are providing feedback about.