Loyalty Program

We have always viewed our customers as family. We are here for one another, celebrate in each other’s success, and support one another whenever possible. Over the years, whenever we have needed someone to serve as a reference, participate in a case study, or help with an introduction – our customers have always been there for us.  In doing so, our family has continued to grow and so has the Panviva Knowledge Management Platform.

While we appreciate everything our customers have done to build and improve the Panviva community, we felt we could do more to acknowledge, recognize, celebrate, and reward those efforts. The result is the introduction of our new Loyalty Program.

What follows is a breakdown of the many ways we plan to reward our customers for their help and support in promoting Panviva both within and outside of their organization. And check out the bottom of the page details on how to redeem those rewards.

How you can earn Loyalty Points:

Help others learn how Panviva has helped you:

Case Study: Willing to share how Panviva has impacted your business? Let us know by filling out this form and work with our team on putting together a case study like you will find in the Resources section of our site.

Loyalty Points: 60

Video Testimonial: Case Studies are great, but seeing our customers talk about Panviva is so much more impactful. If you are open to having us come for a visit and capture your thoughts on Panviva just like others found on our Resources page, fill out the form on the following page and we will follow up.

Loyalty Points: 95 onsite / 60 Remote

Help Promote Panviva at Live Events: While it may be a bit before we start attending live events, we often reach out to customers located near events we are attending to see if they plan on attending as well. On occasion, we are even able to bring customers along as guests. In either case, we want to thank you for promoting Panviva to others while at these events.

Loyalty Points: 60

Reward  Loyalty Points
Panviva Swag Pens – 4,
Notebooks – 15,
T-Shirts – 25,
Contigo Mugs – 30,
Polo Shirts – 35,
Sweatshirts – 60
Design Work 150
Content Help 150
Additional Pro Session 200
Blueprint Review 300
Live / Remote Bootcamp 500

Click here to see a full description of each reward below. 

BONUS POINTS: If you are participating in an event as a speaker or roundtable host and Panviva is promoted in your presentation.

Write Online Reviews: When prospects research solutions, they often rely on sites like G2Crowd and Capterra. Let us know whenever someone from your organization has provided a review and earn more points.

Loyalty Points: 10 (Per submissions from your company)

Reference Calls: Panviva Customers have always been accommodating to our requests serving as a reference to other companies interested in joining the Panviva family. We now want to reward you for your time.

Loyalty Points: 25


Let’s Get Social

Promote Panviva over Social Media: Love how Panviva has helped improve efficiencies within your organization and feel it’s worth telling others about it? Tag #PanvivaLove on your post and keep earning rewards (Just make sure you sent your accounts to so we can provide you with credit).

Loyalty Points: 10 LinkedIn & Twitter

Share Posts from Panviva: Send screenshots to or include #PanvivaLove in your retweets & shares to easily build up points.

Loyalty Points: 3 for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Join the Conversation: Comment on one of our posts and let us know.

Loyalty Points: 2

Give us a like: Even a tap of your finger or click of the mouse can help earn you rewards.

Loyalty Points: 1

*Until we feel confident that we can attribute actions to appropriate customers, please screenshot and send all Social Activity to .

In addition, each company will be capped at a total of 50 points per month for social activity.

And if you aren’t following Panviva yet, now is the time to start: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Building a Bigger and Better Community

Attend User conferences: Our goal is to help you become more successful and get more value from the Panviva Platform. One of the best ways to learn more about Panviva is through our semi-annual user conferences. Get points for all that register and we will provide bonus points for those able to attend live.

Loyalty Points: 2 per sign up / 5 for those who attend live (50-point limit per event)

Host a conference Session: While we often have plenty to share, we also want to encourage our users to learn from each other. If you have ideas for sessions you would like to present, let us know here. The more we can learn from each other, the more successful we all we be.

Loyalty Points: 50

Attend Webinars: While User Conferences are designed specifically for customers, we encourage you to participate in our webinars as well.

Loyalty Points: 2 per sign up / 5 for those who attend live (50-point limit per event)


Co-Host a Webinar: We often invite our customers to participate in webinars and share their expertise on a variety of subjects. We again want to thank you for your time and participation. Have your own ideas for webinars we should consider, let us know.

Loyalty Points: 90

Strength in Numbers: The more Panviva is able to expand within your organizations and introduced to new companies, the more we will be able to grow and provide even more value to our customers. By helping us grow, you will benefit as well in the end and along the way.

Loyalty Points: 25 for internal department referral, 50 for associated company, 75 for unassociated company.

Bonus Points: 25 if referral schedules demo

Additional Points for Sign up: 50 for internal / associated & 100 for Unassociated New Customer.

Early Adopters: When Panviva launches a new feature or add on we will reward the first few to turn on the new feature or take advantage of the additional functionality.

Loyalty Points: 25

Contribute to Newsletter: Each issue of our Author Newsletter will have a section called Customer Spotlight. While we may choose to highlight the successes of customers, we also want to encourage you to share your own success stories. Have a tip or trick you feel worth sharing, send those along as well and if published we will reward you based on the submission.

Loyalty Points: Up to 35

Share your Templates: Time and time again we hear the biggest challenge when it comes to Panviva is simply taking the time to build out new content. This is where the Panviva community can really shine, by sharing content templates that have already been built we can help each other grow more quickly.

Loyalty Points: 10-75 per Template (Based on complexity and usefulness)

While the list above is extensive, it is by no means exhaustive so don’t be surprised when you receive email from providing you with Loyalty Points. It’s simply our way of saying thank you for all you do!

You will also need to assign 1 individual within your organization to be the “point person” for your company. They will need to send emails to to notify us of Loyalty actions when appropriate,  they will receive notifications back when Loyalty points have been earned, and they will also be responsible for how the points will be redeemed.

Please make note that this program is currently be extended only to US & UK customers.


How to Redeem Loyalty Points

Based on the list above, you can see how quickly it will be for any Panviva Customer to start earning points. 600 points a year can be earned through some social sharing alone. So, what can you do with all those points??

Redeem them of course!

Panviva Pro Session: As part of your subscription each customer has access to an hour of time with one of our in-house experts whether they choose to use it or not. For those that use up their hour and want another session, here is your chance:

Points needed to Redeem: 200

Live or Remote Bootcamp: Starting in July Panviva will be charging for our in-house and remote Bootcamps. These weeklong training sessions are great for new customers, new hires, or anyone who is set up as an admin or author who needs a refresher on how to set up and manage the Panviva backend.

Points needed to Redeem: 500

Homepage Makeover: One of our Mantras here at Panviva is “Access to the information you need in 3 clicks or less” and often that first click starts on your user’s homepage. If you feel that your homepage could use a refreshed design and updated graphics, here is your opportunity to have our design team help.

Points needed to Redeem: 500

Other Design Work: So maybe you don’t need a complete homepage makeover but are still interested in some design help. Here is another opportunity to exchange those loyalty points for services.

Points needed to Redeem: 150 for an hour of work

Content Help: Panviva has built out a fantastic partner network to help our customers with on-boarding as well as their on-going content needs. However, if you need just a little help, we can help.

Points needed to Redeem: 150 for an hour of work

Blueprint Review: While the Panviva solution is great, it’s our methodology that allows your users to access the information, resources, and step by step guidance they need in 3 clicks or less. As time goes on, new authors are introduced, or content is simply added without consideration to how users should access the information when needed – things can become messy. If you find your users are having increasing issues finding information quickly and easily, it may be time to consider a blueprint review that will help identify where there is a breakdown in a user’s ability to navigate to knowledge when needed.

Points needed to Redeem: 300

Panviva SWAG: Last but not least, you can also redeem your points for Panviva branded merchandise. Whether you simply want to show your support for your favorite knowledge management platform or are looking for prizes to pass along to users for contests and promotions, this is your chance to score our premium wares

Points needed to Redeem: 

Sweatshirts: 60

Polo Shirts: 35

T-shirts: 25

Contigo Mugs: 30

Notebooks: 15

Pens: 4

To all our customers, Thanks Again for all you do! We hope you appreciate our effort to give back to all of you moving forward, for what you have so graciously provided in the past. We are truly all better together. One Big Team!


Ready to start? Send us your social accounts and ideas by following the link below: