Manager: Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub provides a new universal view of feedback for users and the ability for authors and administrators to manage and filter feedback to enhance content quality. A client has control when the enhanced feedback needs to be activated:

Once this feature is enabled all authors will automatically see Feedback tab at the top of Manager. The feedback view shows feedback on documents for which the author has read or write permissions:

All items are automatically sorted with the first feedback item shown at the top and the latest item shown at the bottom of the list. However, a user can click on any column heading to sort by it in ascending or descending order. In addition, clicking on three dots on the column heading will display column settings, allowing authors to modify their personal view by adding or removing the desired columns:

An author may search by document ID or document name and customise their view by showing Feedback assigned to the Author, Unassigned Feedback or Active Feedback (i.e. not closed).

New search option
In addition to the existing filters, we introduced a write access filter for feedback managers to only display those for which they have write access:

Each item has associated properties visible in the right-hand pane. If an author can see a feedback item, then they can change the status (Open, In Progress or Closed), priority (Low, Medium, High), due date and assign the feedback to themselves or others:

A feedback item’s status can only be changed, if it is assigned to someone. When assigning a feedback to someone else, the users having write access to the document will be shown in the user selection window. If the Feedback administration role is in use then these administrators will also be available for selection (coming soon).

An author is able to open a relevant document for editing or preview (read only) from this window using the familiar two icons located right above the document name:

Any change made to a feedback item generates a Message Centre notification for an assignee, which they can view by opening this item directly from Message Centre:

Comment and follow
This function enables users and authors to collaborate on feedback items by commenting back and forth on feedback. This is useful for any clarification of the feedback or keeping users and other authors and administrators informed of the status changes and events as a feedback submission progresses through its life cycle.

In addition, when managing feedback, managers may add a public or private comment (up to 500 characters) to any item for which they have read permissions:

All comments, public and private, will be visible here. The users may also follow/unfollow feedback from here, using the blue button in the top right-hand corner. If a user makes a comment to an item they are not assigned to, they will automatically start following it. After saving such comment, the blue button will change from ‘Follow feedback’ to ‘Unfollow feedback’.

Custom fields
The ability to configure custom fields has been added. Custom fields can be used to aid management of feedback and reporting of feedback with properties that suit the organisation’s analysis needs.
A user with administrative privileges, i.e. a member of ‘administrators’ role, will be able to create any custom fields to enhance the value of feedback:

You can add a new field at any time as well as edit and remove an existing item. If editing an item, you cannot change its type, only name and value(s).
There are four types of fields: Free text, Date, List and Number. You may also select to make a custom field mandatory by ticking ‘This field is required’ box:

Mandatory custom fields are automatically added to all feedback items, new and existing, and Save button will not be activated until all mandatory fields are filled.


Feedback status report
Analytics section now include new feedback-related reports. The Feedback status report shows feedback submissions by status for each document that has feedback items. The report can be for a selected time frame and for all or selected priority. The documents will be sorted from left to right on the highest number of feedback items in the “Open” state.

Feedback audit report
The ‘Document feedback audit’ report showing all events for each feedback item:

This provides a full trace of a feedback submission’s history from submission, through assignment, any comments or update and finally close. This facilitates governance and review sessions to identify issues and opportunities for improvements.

The ‘Export to Excel’ function will export the data for the report including any custom columns that have been created.

Please note that, by default, all notifications pertaining to feedback are sent via Message Centre. The email notifications are also implemented in the Collaboration hub, but are disabled and can be activated upon request. Please refer to this article for more information.