Multi-view display window feature in Panviva

It is always exciting to be able to introduce and review a new feature in Panviva. Today it is Multi View display window. Since a video is worth a thousand pictures, let’s have a look at a quick demonstration and then address some possible questions you may have:

  • The Multi view feature is only available in a browser, it is NOT supported in the desktop client.
  • By default, a user is allowed to open up to 6 additional windows with Panviva content in it. In our testing we determined this to be an optimal number without an impact on the application/operating system performance. Having said that, this number is configurable, so if you find that 6 is insufficient for your operating needs, Panviva CAC team will be able to increase it for you.
  • All internal links continue to be operational in each new window, so the user is able to navigate between the documents in each window as they would normally do. They need to use the back button in the browser to return to the previous position.
  • There is no access to any standard menu options in the new window.

To make your life easier we have put together a change management pack containing two Panviva articles, which you may import into your instance at your convenience. It comes as a folder with a News article and Multi Viewer Snapshot article – please adjust them to suit your needs once imported. Please be sure to download the correct language option: if you are based in US – use Multi-View Display English (US).xml, if you based in Australia – Multi-View Display English (AU).xml, if you are based in UK – Multi-View Display English (UK).xml.

P.S. Please note that this is an optional feature and will be disabled by default in your Panviva instance. Please get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss enabling it.