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This newsletter is designed to inform and educate our customers on Panviva and how to get the most from your subscription. Our goal is to keep a consistent format for every issue which we plan to send quarterly. Have feedback or ideas you would like to see included in future issues? Want to add someone or have yourself removed from future mailings? Please email the Customer Success Group at .

COVID Update: While our team has easily adjusted to working remotely, we have been busier than ever helping our customers leverage Panviva to assist with their changing needs as a result of the Pandemic. One project we are extremely proud of is helping to set up COVID-19 Contact Tracing programs using Panviva as the knowledge base. We have compiled an entire Contact Tracing package that is available on Panviva University for download. This content is specific to those who are contracted to do contact tracing. We also have content that is more generic in nature and can be used throughout any department in your organization. We are grateful to our customers and partners who shared these documents for you to download and use!

Engage with our Product Team:  We are working on improving our approach of adding new functions and features to Panviva by better aligning our solution with our customer’s needs. This will be accomplished through increased engagement and communication with our customers to take an active part in shaping the future of our product. We want to listen and better understand your needs and challenges to ensure we are solving your problems, so you get more value from your subscription to Panviva. Your input is invaluable so please keep an eye for any surveys we may send you or invitations to connect directly. Your feedback is essential to ensure our product decisions consider your needs. As such, your timely response to surveys and outreach will be greatly appreciated. If you have your own Enhancement Suggestions, please send them to for consideration.

Desktop Client: This is a reminder to make sure you have updated your Desktop software client to the latest version. Any support issues that cannot be replicated in the latest version will not be addressed, so make sure to download and update at your earliest convenience.

User Conference: In May, we had our biggest turnout ever for our online User Conference. For those of you who missed it, you can access the archived recording here

MultiView: Over the years many of you have asked “why can’t I have multiple Panviva documents open at the same time?” Well, now you can! This add-on feature allows users to run multiple Panviva windows so that they can easily multitask as they work. Learn more about this solution by downloading our datasheet & watching this video overview.

Nugget: Panviva’s Microsoft Teams Bot makes it easy to share knowledge and answers with your entire organization. Check out this Nugget Datasheet and read more about our Teams bot in the Digital Experiences section below.

Loyalty Program: At the recent Panviva User Conference we announced the launch of our Loyalty Program as a way to reward our customers for all the great things they have done to improve our community, and provide incentives to grow it even more. Email with any questions or ways you would like to contribute.


Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock a Document

You’re in the Document Management window and you click the editing icon to open a document, but the document won’t open. Have you had this happen? Chances are it’s because the document is locked. You can do a couple of things to rectify the situation…

  • If you’re an Administrator (which means you can see the Admin tab in Manager) then click the Admin tab. From the Administration window, select ‘Document locks’ (the third selection down in the Administration section). The Document locks window displays all locked documents. Locate yours, select it and click Remove. The document can now be edited via the pencil icon.
  • If you’re not an admin you can open the document for editing from the Desktop window. To find it quickly, from the More menu select Miscellaneous > Go to document. Type in the document ID and press enter. The document displays and you can then click the edit pencil at the bottom of the Desktop window. (You can also ask your Admin to unlock it as described above, but this is way faster. 😊)

Best Practice: Ensure Targeted Search Results

One of the things we hear about the most is that users are finding too much content when they search. This is almost always because content is permissioned for ‘anybody’ to view. There’s so much power behind the permissioning available within Panviva, so let’s review two simple steps to help remedy the “finding too much” dilemma.

First, make sure you have created custom roles for your users. For example: in your call center you have call reps who can take Medicare calls but not Pharmacy calls. In this example, you would create a custom role for Medicare reps and another for Pharmacy reps. Then, add the appropriate users to these roles.

Second, permission the content that each of these roles needs to access. If you’ve structured your folders appropriately, you should have a folder(s) of content specific to each role. Select the folder and apply a Mass permission. Select the Reader check box and add the role to the reader. Then, select the ‘Replace existing roles’ check box at the bottom of the window to remove read permissions for all users except for those in the role you selected. Important: be sure you are a member of the role so that you don’t remove yourself from the reader!

I strongly recommend reviewing all of your content to ensure your users/roles are accessing only the information they need. It will eliminate a lot of frustration and reduce search time.

Users, roles & permissions is an in-depth topic and there are lots of layers to them; to further educate yourself you can check out this Panviva University Course. Need further help? Please don’t hesitate to set up a Panviva Pro session to review them with us. We’re here to help make the most of your Panviva implementation!


As many of you know, Panviva updates its software every 6-8 weeks. This section of the Newsletter will provide insights into the updates with a specific focus on highlighting benefits of new features and enhancements. With this being our first, we thought we would highlight updates made since the start of the year.

  • 20.02 – Document locked for editing. (3847). Earlier this year our team addressed an issue where documents were being locked when an end user clicked an “Editor URL link” that was inserted into a document. While the fix addressed the issue where those documents would become locked, it does not prevent the end user from being redirected to a Welcome page instead of the intended document due to end users not having admin access to Panviva Manager. Should your end users notify you of being inadvertently send to a Welcome page, be aware that they may have clicked on an Editor URL within another document that will need to be updated to provide a direct document link.
  • 20.04 – Hide the Orphans Folder in Image Management from Search. If you have ever moved old or outdated images to an orphan folder, you know how frustrating it can be to have them show back up when searching through images in Manager. Now you can exclude images in the orphan folder by clicking the arrow next to Search Box and selecting Exclude orphans before submitting your request.
RR Image management
  • 20.04 – Save as draft on existing responses in Digital Orchestrator. Check out this video that showcases how customers utilizing our Digital Orchestrator solution can save drafts of existing responses. If you are not sure what Digital Orchestrator is, contact your account manager to learn how you can expand the value of Panviva through the curation and publishing of content across your digital channels
  • 20.05 – Remove documents from your ‘favorites’ list. This is one to share with your end users. While Panviva is designed to help users easily access the information they need with just a few clicks, users also like being able to maintain a list of favorites which they can add to by clicking Menu > Actions > Add to Favorites. While users had to use the same Menu options to remove a document from favorites, that process just became a lot easier! Now when you’re in your favorites folder, you will notice a red X displays next to a document in your favorites list when you hover over it. Simply click the X and the document will be removed from favorites. Simple as that!
RR Remove Favorite
  • 20.06 External links containing certain symbols (‘=’, ‘ : ’) are not working (20551)
    This bug fix addressed an issue that was introduced with the 20.05 update. Unfortunately any links added between the 20.05 & 20.06 updates that include those characters will need to be re-inserted, despite the fact that they appear correctly in Editor. Once you identify these links, copy the URL (Ctrl-C) before you unlink it. Then select the same text and add the link back using Paste function (Ctrl-V).

Over the past decade chat-based collaboration tools have been on the rise, providing employees with a way to communicate with one another and share ideas, content, and more. Tools like Slack, Jostle and others have changed the ways teams communicate with one another. Speaking of teams, Microsoft has recently turned up the promotion of their own Teams collaboration tool as a way to keep in touch with one another as COVID 19 has resulted in a massive shift of employees needing to work from home. 

Based solely on Microsoft’s recent TV ad campaign, many would believe this application is simply a video conferencing platform to rival the growing use of Zoom, but Teams is so much more. Video / Audio Conference capabilities, Team channels that can be as large or intimate as needed, Group or one-on-one Chat, and the ability to post and share files are just a few of the main features. While Panviva as a company has been using Teams for over a year, we are still just scratching the surface for utilizing all its capabilities.

For all the value Microsoft Teams has been able to provide, there are two main issues I have found.

  1. Information overload makes it difficult to find the what you are looking for quickly; and
  2. There is no guarantee that the information provided is accurate or sanctioned by the organization as being compliant.

The good news is that Panviva has been helping our customers address those challenges for years through our core solution and now have the ability to extend that value to the entire organization with the help of “Nugget” our very own Microsoft Teams Bot.

Nugget was published to Microsoft AppSource in June and is now available for download. With Nugget your employees can ask questions and the bot will provide them with your companies approved and sanctioned responses. You can easily share those answers with others and when Nugget doesn’t have an answer you are looking for it’s easy submit feedback so the next time someone asks the same question, an answer can be provided.

When it comes to creating content for Nugget, you have a few options:

  1. Curate information from your existing Panviva documents with the Help of our Digital Orchestrator tool and publish responses designed for chatbot consumption.
  2. Develop content from scratch specifically for Nugget.
Nugget for MicroSoft Teams is here to help!

How you approach building content for Nugget depends on your needs. If there is valuable information already built in Panviva that other groups and departments could benefit from, then option 1 makes sense. However, if you see value in using Nugget for providing answers for knowledge not currently built, then option 2 would be a better choice. Guidance for Human Resources related inquires is a great example of content that could be beneficial to the entire organization that may not yet be developed. Nugget can easily provide responses to questions around vacation policy, how to request time off, submitting expenses, 401k questions and more. While Nugget can provide answers on any topic you choose, the key is to provide enough substance around an initial use case that end users gain confidence in using the bot to get the answers they need quickly. If you are interested in learning more, simply reach out to your account manager to discuss how Nugget can best help your organization.

While Nugget is a great way to easily set up an internal Chat Bot for your company, it’s not the only way. Our APIs can help serve answers to any chat bot you have, addressing both internal and external needs. Whichever option you choose, know that Panviva is here to help solve your challenges associated with managing content across silos and ensuring consistent, compliant responses regardless of the channels used to access information.


Get to Know the Team:

Sharon Smith: Director, Partner and Customer Enablement

Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying this first edition of our newsletter. I’m flattered to have been asked to be the first in our “Get to Know the Team” section! So, here’s a little bit about me…

Prior to joining Panviva, my career started in hardware and software training and covered the gamut from developing and delivering training to writing technical documentation. I went on to manage an ISO-certified global training department with locations in the US and Belgium. My background appealed to the VP of Professional Services at Panviva when their US office was opening. When I was introduced to the product and the team, I couldn’t wait to join. That was May 2009, but it seems like yesterday!

Today in my role as Director of Customer and Partner Enablement, I work closely with the partners who we train and certify to deliver services to customers, as well as directly with customers in providing training and workshops. My charter and goal is to continue to offer new courses and resources in the University as well as live workshops and webinars that will help you all make the most of your Panviva implementations.

To know me is to know that my favorite things are my dog, my family and friends, and my garden! I have a huge veggie garden and it’s my oasis from spring to fall. My dog Coconut keeps a smile on my face every day and if you’ve been on an online conference call with me, hopefully he’s brought a smile to yours, too! And although my family still lives in Michigan (where I was born and raised), I love going back to visit as much as I can.

Well, that’s it about it! If there’s anything I can do to help you, please contact me any time. Happy summer!

Family in MIchigan
One of my favorite activities: drinks and laughs with some of my family in Michigan!

Carle used images within Panviva as visual guides for proper surgical tray set-ups

With this being the first issue of our newsletter, and with the recent launch of our Loyalty Program, we could think of no better customer to highlight than Carle / Health Alliance.  Over the past seven and a half years, very few customers have leveraged Panviva as much as they have. This can be attributed to a combination of great internal champions, the establishment of a center of excellence that views the different departments they build content for as their own clients, and a willingness to jump in and take advantage of the technological enhancements developed since they first became a customer.

As with many of our customers, Panviva was first introduced in contact center of their Health Plan. They needed a way to better manage the challenges that awaited them with their planned expansion into two new states, two new Medicaid contracts and changes associated with the Affordable Care Act.  Our Health Alliance Case Study provides details around the impact Panviva had in helping their team turn around metrics that were heading in the wrong direction prior to implementation. These early successes drove the expansion of Panviva across their entire organization and into the health system side of their business as well.

Obviously, no single department wants to be responsible for managing the knowledge for an entire organization.  As such, it was important for them to establish a Center of Excellence, a small group that is able to work across departments to help reduce content silos by sharing information when appropriate, while also ensuring consistency of styles and standards across the different groups. Caleb Means has been an author and admin from the beginning and has been instrumental in understanding the needs of each new group before developing optimized workflows, information and resources to best address those needs. While the Panviva methodology has served as the foundation on which to build their knowledge, Caleb also revels in how their group has challenged the system to use it in creative new ways. Examples include using side windows for provider directories and using image maps to develop a symptoms based call guide. Another outside-the-box use case they designed was a visual guide differentiating how specific doctors wanted their oral surgical trays set up. (pictured left) 

While much of their knowledge is organized to provide end users with step by step guidance, their creativity in addressing the needs of different groups around their organization really set them apart.

And while they have developed a ton of unique content templates that they have so generously shared with our community, they have also benefited from the ideas of other customers as well.  It was another customer’s template that led to their development of a of diabetic meters directory for their endocrinology department. It is our hope that the template library in Panviva University continues to grow allowing customers to take advantage of work developed by others and spin off ideas of their own as well.

The Carle Foundation Hospital website was also one of the first to take advantage of the capabilities of Panviva’s Digital Orchestrator solution by developing a chat bot to assist in answering questions for those interested in applying for nursing positions. This bot has allowed applicants to self-serve resulting in better use of the recruiting staff’s time.  They are now exploring another use case on the health insurance side of the business along with other possible API integrations.

Carle / Health Alliance is the epitome of a customer that is deserving of being recognized for their contributions to their organization’s success as well as that of the Panviva community. By setting up a Center of Excellence they have been able to expand from the health insurance contact center into Customer Solutions and Medical Management and then branch over to the health system side of the business working with ambulatory departments, In-Patient Care Coordination and Revenue Cycle, and still have a line of departments waiting for their turn. They have participated in case studies, video testimonials, webinars and user conferences, jumped on reference calls and shared content and templates with the rest of the community. This is the reason we felt it necessary to create our Loyalty program – to give back to the customers who truly make Panviva better. It’s great recognizing a customer who has had as much of an impact on our success as we have had on theirs.

Whether you are a CX leader, a frontline employee with a passion for doing what is right for the customer, or a customer yourself, there are lessons and takeaways within these articles for each of you.

Whether you are a CX leader, a frontline employee with a passion for doing what is right for the customer, or a customer yourself, there are lessons and takeaways within these articles for each of you.

"Customer experience (CX) is the new marketing battlefront.” These are not the words of me, Stephen Pappas. That’s Gartner talking.

"Customer experience (CX) is the new marketing battlefront.” These are not the words of me, Stephen Pappas. That’s Gartner talking.

"We need to remember that customers are individuals and experience things in different ways. What excites some people frightens others; what seems perfectly intuitive to me may confuse and frustrate you."

"We need to remember that customers are individuals and experience things in different ways. What excites some people frightens others; what seems perfectly intuitive to me may confuse and frustrate you."

"Our role as experience professionals is to helicopter up and oversee direct, orchestrate and facilitate how the organization views the customer, each other, the brand, and everything they must do to drive improvement."

"Our role as experience professionals is to helicopter up and oversee direct, orchestrate and facilitate how the organization views the customer, each other, the brand, and everything they must do to drive improvement."

Add context, share content and drive consistency for your business.

Add context, share content and drive consistency for your business.

Listen to Panviva's very own CX expert, Steve Pappas in his NEW Podcast series

Listen to Panviva's very own CX expert, Steve Pappas in his NEW Podcast series

Panviva has your Omnichannel issues covered.

Panviva has your Omnichannel issues covered.

We are pleased to provide you with Covid documents that might be useful as you navigate through these unknown waters

We are pleased to provide you with Covid documents that might be useful as you navigate through these unknown waters