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Panviva’s new template library allows content authors to get a jump start on optimizing your organization’s important information.

Our top customers have shared their invaluable information structure to help others like yourself get the best out of Panviva, quickly and easily.


Over two hundred templates to choose from and download


Get a jump start on optimizing your organization’s important information


Structured for easy use and fast customization

We know things are hectic for you – now more than ever.
Work from home is being implemented more and more. New and changing policies, processes and procedures are hard to keep up with. Your staff needs that information now, and you’re struggling to find a way. A knowledge eco-system is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

What if you could deliver that eco-system now?
Today? At Panviva, we’ve developed an expansive library of templates that provides you the ability to do just that. From facility & physician details to specialty clinics, critical COVID-19 information to lab test guidelines. We have over 200 templates that you can quickly customize and publish to your staff within hours.

The templates are structured for easy use and fast customization.
Simply populate your templates with your specific facility details like addresses, phone numbers, services offered, physician information and more.


Instructional video on how to get started with a Panviva template.

At Panviva, we’ve paved your way. Let us show you how. Let us show you now.


We have an array of home pages for you to use directly upon download or for inspiration as to the many ways you can custom design a page for your organization.

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Provider home page

Symptoms Guide

This anatomical visual guide takes your schedulers or contact agents through how to identify a caller’s needs before scheduling. It helps ensure you’re getting patients to the right specialty the first time.

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Head injury visual and procedure

Contact Tracing

Panviva has been in a unique position to help create content during the COVID-19 crisis for use by Contact Tracers in call centers. And now we’re able to share this with you. If your call center will be working with your local city or state government to contact people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and reach out to their close contacts (or if you will be helping corporations to do the same), this thorough and expansive set of content will help you to get up and running quickly.

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Home page
contact case task 1

COVID-19 Support

Things are changing rapidly and Panviva provides the best venue for publishing information to your workers within seconds. From general information to new rules and guidelines, give your employees the power of knowledge.

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Covid-19 document 2
Covid-19 quiz

Specialty Services

This complete kit has 24 templates for specialties such as Allergy, Palliative Care, Radiology (with CPT codes!) and more.

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Radiology pages right main window, left side window

Contact Lists

Quick and easy access to multiple contact lists is vital to your staff. This set of 15 templates are ready for you to customize.

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image (4)
Healthcare Contact List

Take your Panviva content to new heights with this vast array of new templates! Use them as inspiration for new design ideas to freshen your current content. Use them to finally get that content rolled out to the other departments you’ve had on your to-do list. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Pick your templates, fill in the blanks, roll it out. That to-do list just got shorter!