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Feedback is a powerful means of maintaining and improving your information stored in Panviva. Our Collaboration Hub extends the capabilities to allow effective management of feedback to maximise the benefit.

As with all our new features, a client has control when to make advance feedback available to users. For example, if prior communication is necessary to inform the users about the forthcoming change, the current feedback will remain in place until a client is ready to switch it on.

When opening a document, the very first change you will see is that document rating is now a separate item:

The maximum rating value remains configurable on the scale from 1 to 10 (default value is 5):

After submission, the visual confirmation will be displayed, and the star will turn yellow to indicate that a rating has been submitted for this document:

You may return to your rating, then delete or edit it:

Note that each rating is applicable to the document version it was submitted for. Hence, if a new revision of a document is released, the rating will be reset.

The change here is that opening a document and clicking on the envelope in the bottom right corner will bring you to a new screen where all feedback from ALL users for this document is displayed:

Clicking on ‘Add New Feedback’ button opens a new dialogue window:

Note that as a submitter, you are unable to select an assignee or change the status, but may change the priority between Low, Medium and High. A visual confirmation is displayed after feedback is submitted:

If the user wishes to discard the feedback then they can cancel prior to submission:

A user can submit multiple feedback messages for the same document version, thus enabling users to provide more extensive comments on documents as opposed to the single feedback per document version previously.
You can view any item, submitted by other users, in the read-only mode and use the Back button to return to the previous screen:

You can still edit and save your own feedback while it remains unassigned, but once assigned you can not edit it:

My Feedback option in the main menu provides a consolidated view of all the feedback submitted by the user across all documents in the system. This fast-at-a-glance feature gives users a personalised and universal view of their comments:

When a feedback item is updated, the feedback submitter will receive a notification in Message Centre. If you have permissions to edit a document and feedback has been assigned to you, a relevant message will appear in your Message Centre:

Custom fields
Now you may take advantage of any custom fields (that an administrator has configured), within the feedback submission window:

Depending on your needs, fields can be a selection from a drop-down box, a number, a date or a free text entry. Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory, the rest are optional.

Comment and follow
Upon opening a submitted feedback, you will notice two new items, Comments and Follow/Unfollow button:

All items submitted by you are automatically Followed, i.e. you will receive notifications when they are updated. You may choose to follow/unfollow any other feedback item at any time. You may also unfollow your own feedback.
You may leave a new comment at any time, while the feedback item status remains opened or in progress, regardless if it is assigned or not. Your comment will immediately appear in the item:

The person, who the feedback is assigned to, may also leave a public or private comment. If a public comment is left and you choose to follow a feedback item, you will get notified in the Message Centre:

The latest public comment will appear on the top, but all private comments will be invisible to viewers, but visible to anyone with access to the Feedback management tab e.g. Authors:

If you need information on the advanced feedback functionality in Manager, please click here.